Research support for Wealth Managers to help them win more business

There is increasing competition to win clients in the wealth management industry. Investors look for market expertise, experience, timely and frequent publishing of research, quality of analysis, and presentation. There is also an increasing focus on sustainable investing, which demands its own set of skills and expertise.

An Equinox analyst can work as a virtual assistant who can help you conduct initial research on the market, identify potential opportunities, help to conduct research on different investment products and prepare appealing presentations and reports. These can ease up your time, letting you focus more on reaching out to clients, providing better service, and helping your community. We also believe that sustainable investing is here to stay and can help you in identifying suitable investment avenues to meet investor demands. We can help you with:

Research on markets, products and regulations:

There are myriad products introduced in the market on a regular basis. In addition, the capital markets are constantly buzzing with new developments. Then there are new regulations that affect investors differently. Our junior analyst can help the Wealth Manager to monitor the pulse of the market at regular junctures.

Marketing support:

We can conduct the initial outreach to potential clients on your behalf, manage initial conversations and pass on qualified leads for closure. This can help you close more deals in short time.

Presentation and reporting support:

We can prepare appealing and insightful reports on markets, themes, portfolio, outlook, etc. to share with clients. We can also prepare stunning marketing materials and brochures. We have in-house graphics and editing experts.

Virtual assistant support:

Equinox can provide you with a resource who can be your very own personal assistant with years of experience in summarizing meeting notes, setting calendar invites, making follow-ups, replying to emails, etc.

Ancillary support:

We have also helped clients through preparing short notes, including company profiles, key financials, quick ratio analysis, peer comparison, etc. before they meet a company’s management. Our analysts can also attend conference and prepare summaries of key disclosures.