End-to-end research for sell-side firms

We assist sell-side brokerage research teams with maintaining and scaling up their research universe. We work with brokerage firms of varying size – from large global firms to smaller boutique firms. Our client analysts become more efficient by focusing on idea generation, management presentations and client meetings while letting us handle the non-critical aspects of their research work.

Our analysts work closely with client analysts in deriving the appropriate valuation approach and analyzing trends and themes in a given industry. Our analysts can help in conducting scenario analysis, comparing industry KPIs, analyzing industry leverage, statistical analysis, writing sections of research reports, etc.

We understand the fast-paced, ever-changing landscape of securities trading. We recognize the importance of informed investment decisions, efficient trade execution, and risk management. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of research and analytics services designed to empower securities brokerage and trading firms, whether you cater to individual investors, institutional clients, or businesses.

Key Benefits of Partnering with Equinox Research:

Research solutions offered

Our range of services caters to the diverse needs of securities brokerage and trading firms, covering key aspects of research, analysis, and decision support. We customize our solutions to align seamlessly with your trading strategies and client service objectives.

Market Research and Analysis (Market Insights That Drive Informed Decisions)

At Equinox Research, we monitor and analyze financial markets with precision. Our market research and analysis services include:

Market Analysis: A deep dive into macroeconomic factors, market trends, and investor sentiment, providing invaluable insights into overall market conditions.

Technical Analysis: Utilizing price charts, patterns, and technical indicators for short-term decision-making and trend identification.

Fundamental Analysis: Thorough evaluations of individual companies’ financial health, performance, and growth potential, with a focus on fundamental indicators.

Quantitative Modeling and Risk Management (Data-Driven Insights for Risk Mitigation)

Our quantitative modeling and risk management services encompass:

Quantitative Trading Models: Development and backtesting of quantitative models that automate trading decisions based on advanced algorithms.

Risk Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of risks associated with your investment positions, including value-at-risk (VaR) calculations and stress testing.

Equity, Fixed-Income, and Derivatives Research (Unlocking Opportunities Across Asset Classes)

Our research extends to various asset classes, including:

Equity Research: In-depth analysis of stocks, earnings estimates, and company-specific factors to guide your investment choices.

Fixed-Income Research: Careful examination of bonds, assessing credit risk, yield, and pricing dynamics.

Derivatives Research: Evaluation of options and futures, including pricing and strategies for optimizing your trading.

Regulatory Compliance and ESG Analysis (Aligning with Industry Standards)

We keep you in compliance with evolving regulations and ESG factors:

Legal and Regulatory Research: Up-to-date monitoring of securities laws and compliance requirements.

Sustainable Investing Analysis: Integration of ESG factors into your investment decisions and portfolio management for sustainable, responsible trading practices.

Customized Reporting and Data Analysis (Insights Tailored to Your Needs)

Customized reporting and real-time data analysis services include:

Customized Research Reports: Receive insights, market summaries, and detailed reports tailored to your specific research needs.

Real-Time Data Monitoring: Continuous analysis of market data and news to support your trading decisions in real-time.

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Partner with Equinox Research for unparalleled research and analytics solutions tailored to securities brokerage and trading firms. Discover how we can transform your trading strategies, streamline your operations, and empower you to thrive in the dynamic world of financial markets.

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