End-to-end research for sell-side firms

We assist sell-side brokerage research teams with maintaining and scaling up their research universe. We work with brokerage firms of varying size – from large global firms to smaller boutique firms. Our client analysts become more efficient by focusing on idea generation, management presentations and client meetings while letting us handle the non-critical aspects of their research work.

Our analysts work closely with client analysts in deriving the appropriate valuation approach and analyzing trends and themes in a given industry. Our analysts can help in conducting scenario analysis, comparing industry KPIs, analyzing industry leverage, statistical analysis, writing sections of research reports, etc. Equinox analysts are a virtual extension of our client teams. We currently help our clients in:

Financial Models:

Our valuation models are simple, yet comprehensive, well-structured, and customized to suit the requirements of different analysts.

Quantitative analysis:

Robust statistical and quantitative models analyzing impact of different variables on investment performance. We can also provide visualization of trends and hypothesis testing.

Data capturing:

We can help you in mining data for geographies that are not well covered; capture operating KPIs for a peer group, mining information from company filings, industry studies, government studies, etc. We can also help you find information related to private deals for discovering precedent transaction multiples, terms of credit raised, pricing power, etc.

Report writing:

From sections of an initiation coverage to full reports, including newsletters, in publish ready quality to share readily with your clients.

Ancillary support:

We have also helped clients through preparing short notes, including company profiles, key financials, quick ratio analysis, peer comparison, etc. before they meet a company’s management. Our analysts can also attend conference and prepare summaries of key disclosures.