Support all client needs and segments in macroeconomics research

Equinox Research’s list of solutions in the Macroeconomic research domain can support clients with varied needs globally. From sell-side research to buy-side and corporate research, our research solutions can be helpful in supporting your research desk. Below are some of the products that we offer under this umbrella:

Country research:

Country risk, especially regulatory risk, is an important part of company analysis. We can build customized country reports that can be either comprehensive or topical.

Comprehensive reports:

Comprehensive country reports are essential for monitoring macroeconomic developments, especially for global funds. It is useful for assessing country risk in a foreign investment.

Topical reports:

Must have for tracking regulatory sensitive industries, such as banking, mining, pharma or telecom.

Peridocal reports:

We can also prepare periodical country reports that can cover topics such as macroeconomic environment, monetary and fiscal policies, government regulations, economic indicators – GDP, inflation, interest rates, etc.

Database development and maintenance:

We can develop and maintain customized databases to suit your requirements. The database can range from capturing key macro indicators and running correlations to full-fledged econometric modeling and forecasting.