Credit research solutions to manage requirements from Fixed Income Asset Managers

An Equinox analyst can help you perform both basic and more complicated debt analysis. Our solutions can typically help both large and small fixed-income asset managers to conduct more detailed analysis on covered instruments, letting an off-shore analyst maintain and update financial models, thereby helping client analysts to focus more on idea generation. The range of products include:

Debt Analysis:

Analyze debt from a seniority standpoint, for instance, the proportion of Senior vs Subordinated debt for a company. Comparison of current spreads with historical and industry averages, etc.

Covenant analysis

We can comb through large volumes of disclosures and identify & capture covenant breaches, highlight the likelihood of covenant breaches, and potential impact on investment.

Portfolio assessment

Analyze investment portfolio from a valuation, risk and diversification perspective. Identify major sources of potential risk, undervalued investments and adherence to investment mandates.

Ratio Analysis

Ratio analysis capturing all operating, leverage and valuation indicators with commentary oninvestments.

Recovery analysis:

Preparing cash flow models analyzing recovery of investment under different scenarios.

Sensitivity Analysis

Analyze sensitivity of an investment of portfolio from changes in key factors, such as economic performance, varying interest rate scenarios, etc.

Monte Carlo simulation

We can conduct Monte Carlo simulation to compute VaR or analyzing impact from a major event and the likelihood of occurrence.


Deep dive econometric models using statistical analysis to study historical macroeconomic performance and forecast key variables.

Structured finance

From data extraction and management to regular monitoring and preparing cash flow recovery models with sensitivity and scenario analysis for Structured Finance including CMBS, RMBS, and CLOs.

Trade finance

Portfolio monitoring, tracking key industry developments and regional economic indicators to ensure credit risk is mitigated and managed actively.

Regulatory support

Provide all support in preparing regulatory filings required by different markets.

Recovery analysis

Preparing cash flow models analyzing recovery of investment under different scenarios.