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We specialize in providing Fixed Income Asset Manager firms with research and analytics services that fuel smarter investment decisions and superior portfolio performance. We support credit managers across different functional areas and investment holdings, viz. corporate bonds, CLOs, CDOs, MBS, etc.

Credit Analysis:

In-depth credit analysis of potential debt issuers or borrowers, scrutinizing creditworthiness, financial stability, and debt servicing capacity.

Debt Issuance Analysis:

Sound assessments of the feasibility and terms of debt issuances, offering insights on pricing and structure.

Valuation Analysis:

Comprehensive valuation assessments of debt securities, drawing on methodologies such as yield analysis and discounted cash flow (DCF) models.

Credit Rating Analysis:

Expert analysis of credit ratings from rating agencies, supplemented by independent assessments of debt securities.

Company Financial Analysis:

In-depth examination of issuer financial health, scrutinizing financial statements, cash flow, income statements, and balance sheets.

Sector and Industry Research:

Rigorous exploration of specific sectors and industries, uncovering investment opportunities, gauging sector-specific risks, and assessing the health of companies within those sectors.

Macroeconomic Analysis:

Astute evaluation of macroeconomic indicators’ impact on debt investments, spanning GDP growth, inflation rates, and central bank policies.

Market Research:

Vigilant monitoring and analysis of debt markets, unveiling trends, investment prospects, and market risks, spanning bond markets, interest rates, and economic indicators.

Risk Assessment:

Vigorous risk evaluation of debt investments, spanning credit risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, and default risk, complemented by risk mitigation strategies.

ESG Analysis:

Discerning assessment of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and their impact on overall portfolio risk.

Regulatory Insight:

Ongoing monitoring of regulatory changes and legal developments that may affect debt investments and compliance obligations.

Market Sentiment Analysis:

Insightful analysis of market sentiment through news analysis, social media trends, and sentiment indicators to assess sentiment’s potential impact on portfolio companies.

Liquidity Assessment:

Comprehensive evaluations of debt security liquidity, coupled with assessments of liquidity risk’s potential impact on your portfolio.

Scenario Analysis:

Robust scenario analysis, aiding your assessment of different economic and market scenarios’ potential impact on debt investments.

Portfolio Optimization:

Employing quantitative models and portfolio management techniques to optimize portfolio composition, manage credit exposures, and balance risk and return.

Quantitative Modeling:

Development and deployment of quantitative models, encompassing credit risk models, duration models, and more, to bolster debt investment strategies.

Data Analytics and Reporting:

Advanced data analytics services, spanning data cleansing, data visualization, and customized reporting, amplifying actionable insights extracted from data.

Performance Attribution:

Granular analysis of portfolio performance, revealing sources of return, and evaluating the impact of investment decisions on portfolio returns.

Risk Management and Stress Testing:

Comprehensive risk assessments, encompassing stress testing and scenario analysis, aiding the identification of potential portfolio vulnerabilities and risk mitigation.

Custom Research Projects:

Bespoke research projects tailored to your firm’s unique needs, spanning exploration of specific debt market opportunities, regulatory compliance issues, or emerging credit trends.

Investor Relations Support:

Effective creation of investor reports, presentations, and communications, ensuring clear and persuasive communication of investment strategies and performance to clients and stakeholders.

Global Coverage:

Provision of research and analysis on a global scale, spanning international debt markets and opportunities.

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