Equity research solutions to manage requirements from Equity Asset Managers

We enable Equity Asset Managers to focus on alpha creation, improve investment presentations and generally enhance the quality of research. Our analysts can help your research team with building and updating valuation models, such as DCF models, conducting secondary and primary research, preparing insightful charts, using data analytics to generate predictive insights and integrating ESG into your decision making criteria.

The type of support you can expect includes:

Data Analysis:

Using statistical analysis in R, Python or MS Excel to analyze large chunks of data. Data visualization in Tableau or similar tools.

Company and sector research:

Detailed industry and company analysis, valuation models, investment notes capturing key drivers and risks, SWOT analysis, ratio analysis, peer analysis, presentation on investment ideas and risks, etc.

ESG research:

Our analysis can help you analyze your portfolio from an ESG standpoint. Equinox sustainability experts can assess the investment risks from an ESG standpoint. Advanced solutions include preparing shadow rating models and ESG integrated valuation models.

Regulatory filing support:

We can also help you prepare filings required by the regulators.