Maximize the potential of your research team by partnering with Equinox Research

We enable Equity Asset Managers to focus on alpha creation, improve investment presentations, and generally enhance the quality of research. Our analysts can help your research team with building and updating valuation models, such as DCF models, conducting secondary and primary research, preparing insightful charts, using data analytics to generate predictive insights and integrating ESG into your decision-making criteria.

The type of support you can expect includes:

Benefits of outsourcing to Equinox Research

We provide customized, end-to-end research and analytics solutions for Equity Asset Managers globally. By extending their research desks at a fraction of the cost, our clients become more productive.

Research Solutions Provided

Equity Analysis:

  • In-depth analysis of individual stocks.

  • Financial statement evaluations and full-fledged valuation models.

  • Monitoring portfolio

  • Screening investment opportunities

Market Research:

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of equity markets.

  • Trend identification and market sentiment analysis.

  • Data-driven investment insights.

Economic Research:

  • Assessment of macroeconomic indicators’ impact on equity markets.

  • Economic trend analysis and forecasts.

  • Global economic insights.

Risk Management:

  • Comprehensive risk assessments and stress testing.

  • Diversification and risk mitigation strategies.

  • Quantitative models for risk evaluation.

ESG Integration:

  • Evaluation of environmental, social, and governance factors.

  • Integration of ESG considerations into investment decisions.

  • Responsible investing strategies.

Customized Research Projects:

  • Tailored research solutions for unique investment needs.

  • Specialized industry analysis and thematic research.

  • Research-driven competitive advantages.

Why Choose US

By tapping into a vibrant talent pool of expert analysts to help you fortify your research process, gain an edge over your competition

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