From data mining to deep-dive analytics

We can help your research team mine meaningful non-financial data through web scraping and data cleansing. Our experts can then perform data analytics to generate insights. Range of solutions include:

Web scraping:

Get non-financial and alternative data from web scraping to gain an edge over the markets and generate alpha. Types of data that can be scraped are monitoring unique site visits, sentiment analysis on social media, news and content monitoring. Monitoring real-time data on real estate listings is especially useful for REIT managers and real estate companies. We can even assist in integrating web data into your feeds.

Cleaning and structuring data:

Our experts can help in data cleansing, database designing and development. We can also assist with initial regression analyses and descriptive analysis.

Data analytics:

Descriptive analytics to explain phenomenon from available data and/ or test hypothesis. Prescriptive analytics to make forecasts, e.g. demand, consumer preference, etc. Our experts can also assist in predictive analysis combining the best tools for data wrangling, manipulation, statistical and mathematical analysis to generate insights on your dataset.