Research support, big data analytics, model maintenance and presentation support for Hedge Funds

An Equinox analyst can facilitate your team in improving returns by letting the fund manager focus more on idea generation while leaving the number crunching to us. We have helped hedge funds in back-testing investment strategies, preparing complex valuation models, conducting insightful research by sector experts. We can also assist in maintaining existing models, conducting primary and secondary research, data analysis and visualization as well as helping you with integrating ESG into your research.

We can support you in:

Data Analysis:

Using statistical analysis in R, Python or MS Excel to analyze large chunks of data. Data visualization in Tableau or similar tools.

Company and Sector research:

Company and sector research: Detailed industry and company analysis, SWOT, ratio analysis, peer analysis, landscape assessment, pricing power, detailed valuation models, preparing detailed investment notes, presentation on investment ideas and risks, etc.

ESG research:

Our analysis can help you analyze your portfolio from an ESG standpoint. Equinox sustainability experts can analyze an investment the risks from an ESG standpoint. Advanced solutions can include preparing shadow rating models and ESG integrated valuation models.

Macroeconomic and currency research:

We can help Macro focused hedge funds in conducting macroeconomic research, including tracking key economic indicators, tracking regulatory development, trade, government policy, etc. We can also conduct quantitative analysis such as preparing econometric models, country debt analysis and shadow rating.

Portfolio analysis:

Analyzing portfolio from a risk and return perspective, including attribution analysis, individual security and portfolio risk assessment, sensitivity analysis of the portfolio under various economic performance assumptions and Monte Carlo simulation.

Sensitivity analysis:

Quantifying impact of economic performance on portfolio, sensitivity impact of different interest rate assumptions

Monte Carlo:

Simulation to compute VaR, or analyzing impact from a major event and the likelihood of occurrence


Finance models including, CMBS, RMBS, CLO analysis

Regulatory filing support:

We can also help you prepare filings required by the regulators. We can prepare portfolio reporting as requiring under different standards such as GIPS.