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Welcome to Equinox Research – we work with insurance brokers to provide them with customized market intelligence, back-office, and data analytics solutions. As a market research company, we support insurance broker firms to enhance their capabilities, empower informed recommendations, and elevate client service.

Why Partner with Equinox Research?

Our Research Functions for Your Success

Below is a glimpse into the suite of research solutions we provide

Market Research:

Gain valuable insights into the dynamic insurance landscape through our comprehensive market research services. Uncover the latest trends and emerging developments within the industry, equipping your business with up-to-the-minute information to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Non-voice back-office services:

Our specialized support enables you to efficiently manage and document crucial operational data associated with your clients, policies, and administrative processes. This streamlined approach enhances your overall workflow, ensuring that you maintain accurate and accessible records, ultimately contributing to the smooth functioning of your insurance operations.

Claims Assistance:

We offer support in claims assistance, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the claims process.

Data Capture:

We can help continually update your knowledge base of insurance products, ensuring that broker firms remain in the know.

Client Education:

Through informative insights on the insurance industry, we help you educate clients Empower your clients with a clearer understanding of their insurance needs, enabling them to make well-informed decisions that align with their financial security and future goals.

Marketing Materials:

We help you in creating captivating marketing materials for clients including policy options, coverage benefits, risk management strategies, etc.

Predictive Modeling:

Use data analytics to generate predictive modeling, providing you with tools to assess future risk, revenue opportunities and claims probability.

Access specialized analysts and experts to support your multifaceted needs and add more accuracy and depth to your operations.

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