Revamp presentations, get professionally made exhibits prepare reports in local language

Equinox Research also provides ancillary services related to your research activities such as creating or revamping presentations, fact finding, data analysis or exhibit creations, language support and transcript services:

Data Presentation:

Equinox Research can support you in presenting your findings in a meaningful, professional manner in custom templates suiting your color template. No need to invest in a full-time resource doing such tasks

Fact finding:

Reach out to us if you need help with fact finding tasks, such as finding key personnel in an organization, details of branches for a bank, industry statistics, information on unlisted entities, organization chat, number of employees, etc.

Exhibit creation:

You have pulled copious amount of data but do not have the time or resources to quickly analyze and present the findings of your data. We can help you in such a case by preparing insightful, professional made charts and basic analysis

Translation services:

Get your reports translated in preferred language by native writers and speaker. We support most major languages

Transcription services:

Equinox Research can help you in cutting down on your research time by preparing and analyzing transcripts for company events and analyst presentations. This can help you focus on the key takeaways and let us handle filtering out the noise