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Welcome to Equinox Research, where we offer tailored research and analytics solutions to empower investment banks globally. Our mission is to support investment banks in delivering better results, informed decisions, and risk management strategies.

Our Investment banking support enables our clients to source more deals and improve their turnaround time through the entire deal cycle. Essentially this ensures an improved win rate and a better capability to service their end customers. We support our clients right from the deal-sourcing stage to post-deal support across multiple sectors and geographies. We believe that every firm has its unique way of working through a deal and we provide them with the flexibility to structure an engagement that best suits their requirements.

Key benefits of partnering with Equinox Research

Our Research Offerings

Market Research and Analysis:

Tailored market assessments, sector analysis, and competitive intelligence.

Equity Research:

In-depth company analysis, stock valuation, earnings estimates, and investment recommendations.

Fixed-Income Research:

Comprehensive bond and credit analysis, interest rate trends, and creditworthiness assessments.

Quantitative Analysis:

Advanced quantitative model development, backtesting, and market sentiment analysis.

Risk Management:

Value-at-Risk (VaR) calculations, stress testing, and hedging strategies.

Options and Derivatives Research:

Options analysis, futures research, and investment strategy development.

Alternative Investment Research:

Hedge fund analysis, private equity due diligence, and asset allocation research.

Market Data Analysis:

Historical and real-time data analysis for critical decision-making.

ESG Analysis:

Sustainable investing insights, ESG risk assessments, and structured products research.

Real Estate Research:

In-depth analysis of real estate investment opportunities.

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