Research and analysis across the entire debt spectrum

We support fixed income and credit research activities across various client segments and rating categories. We can provide credit research across different geographies and have a full suite of solutions to meet the requirement of any client globally.

From investment-grade to junk bonds, we have a suite of solutions

Investment grade:

Detailed or short notes covering individual issuer or analyzing specific sector or geography. We can help your team in generating trade ideas and evaluating investment opportunities. Solutions also include thematic/ topical research, news monitoring. Can build investment models from scratch with periodic maintenance.

High yield and leveraged finance:

Build and maintain credit models on high-yield debt and provide recommendations or assist your research team in identifying investment opportunities in this space. The models can analyze key aspects such as indenture screening, covenant analysis, stress testing and scenario analysis. We can also prepare flash reports and updates upon earnings release or after a major event. Out team can also support in preparing con-call summaries and assist in management meetings.

Distressed debt:

Conduct recovery analysis of different debt pieces under stress. The analysis can also capture covenant effectiveness along with real time tracking of news and events.

Sovereign debt:

Country analysis, including demographic and income analysis, political landscape, government policy, macro and fiscal scenario, debt ratios, default history, interest rates, etc.

Structured finance:

Analysis and periodic review of asset classes, including Residential Mortgage Backed Securities, Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, Collateralized Loan Obligations, Collateralized Debt Obligations, Leveraged Loans and other Asset Backed Securities. Prepare investment memos on deals, detailed cash flow analysis, financial modeling (including recovery analysis). Prepare flash reports on significant events in portfolio companies such as refinancing lawsuits, acquisitions, etc.