Support all client needs in business and market research

Equinox Research provides a wide range of quantitative and qualitative services in our business and market research offerings. We are adept at generating actionable insights on any industry through our rigorous secondary research juxtaposed by primary research. We also have considerable experience for estimating market size and are a plug-and-play partner for helping you with your business research needs.

In addition, we have third party tie-ups in case you require multi-lingual support or translation services. In short, our solutions and delivery model can be customized to suit your unique requirements. Our primary research capabilities can assist you with surveys (both B2B and B2C, online and F2F) and interviews. Following are the suite of products we that we offer under our BR umbrella:

Industry Research:

Assessment of an industry, including competitive landscape and regulatory developments. We can also conduct market sizing and Competitive Benchmarking Studies

Company Research:

Within company research we can undertake studies such as profiling, market entry, feasibility studies, procurement research and due diligence

Market Research:

Our offerings in market research include conducting surveys, detailed market studies ,such as strategy creation, sentiment analysis, supporting sales through RFP preparation support, identifying networking opportunities, client prospecting, sales MIS, and more