Valuation and portfolio monitoring support for Private Investment and Venture Capital firms

We have specialized analysts for supporting Private Equity, Private Debt and Venture Capital firms who are adept at discovering data on target companies using both primary and secondary research, screening potential investments from a universe to conducting detailed analysis on existing investing both from an equity or fixed income perspective. We can support your team in:

Data discovery:

It is often arduous to discover relevant, actionable data on target industry or geo. An Equinox analyst can help you in this area. We can also conduct primary research to capture or triangulate key data points.

Social media analytics:

Due to lack of quantitative and financial data on non-invested target companies, it is imperative to analyze performance on social media platforms by analyzing consumer sentiments and popularity, especially for B2C companies. We have experts that can help you with this.

Investment screening:

Based on pre-determined criteria, we can analyze an investment universe to screen for potential targets. Criteria can be both quantitative and qualitative.

Regular monitoring:

It is essential to monitor investment companies on an ongoing basis to identify potential issues and key developments. We can create customized newsletters for internal distribution.

Investment analysis:

Valuing individual companies or conducting debt analysis for an investment portfolio.

IPO models and LBO models:

To capture returns in different scenarios of leverage mix and exit options.